A light in dark places
Pastor Julio Gonzales is not letting his severe sight problems obscure his vision for Lima Evangelical Baptist Seminary and its neighbourhood, with BMS World Mission support.

A rapist reconciled
How the vision of a man imprisoned is now bringing hope and restorative justice to ex-offenders in Zimbabwe.

BMS supports IF campaign
IF we unite against hunger

Bargain blankets help Ugandans fleeing floods
Small gifts making a big difference to flood-affected families in Kasese, Uganda.

BMS work in Syria

Stepping into a better life
A group of disabled women are advocating for the rights of children with club foot and seeing them walk, with support from a BMS World Mission partner.

Mechanical Skills in Haiti
Why a BMS couple are living life in the fast lane in Haiti: providing skills training and sharing God’s love

BMS prayer requests

MAF - Delivering rice and Christmas Cheer