June' story

June’s story - A shattered life restored

I was brought up in a Christian household, baptized as a baby and confirmed as a teenager. I was married in the church I attended regularly with my Dad, and lived abroad with my husband for a number of years. Sadly my Dad died a year after I went abroad. I found that very difficult to come to terms with, because he was only in his 50’s. Eventually I attended church again but only on and off.

In 2005 my husband left me after 40 years of marriage and the next day my mother died. My world was shattered. What I prayed for then, didn’t happen but I did receive amazing understanding, love and support from my family, friends and neighbours during this dark time in my life.

In 2007 I went with some friends to an Open Day at our local Community Centre and was given a leaflet with details of Preston Grange Community Church and the services held there. I was told I would be very welcome if I attended. I put the leaflet on my bookcase and somehow it kept catching my eye every time I passed it, so I read it properly. It took 3 more weeks before I plucked up the courage to go. I was made very welcome but felt foolish because all I did was weep silently through the first services I attended and hurried away afterwards. However, I continued to go and was glad to stay afterwards for a cup of tea with everyone. I began to look forward to Sunday worship and the loving fellowship there. I attend every week now.

God was responsible for all the understanding, love and support I received. He gave me what I needed and not what I had prayed for. He has been through all my unhappiness with me, filled me with joy and brought me back to Him.

In February 2009 I was Baptized. Thank you Lord!


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