Why worry (6)

Why worry! (6)

Prayer is the key  (part 2)

Our God is SO MUCH MORE! “He can do more than we ask or think.” Ephesians 3v20. “His ways are past finding out” Romans 11v33.

Last time I told of answered prayer through Clive’s heart attack, but it doesn’t stop there. We all thought it was recovery time but through the night Clive’s arms ached and tingled and kept him awake. On telling a nurse, he was sent for immediate x-ray with suspected spinal injury. Result – Neck Snapped completely. I saw the x-ray and it was a clean break through both neck bones leaving only muscle attaching his head to his body. Clive could risk being paralysed by the slightest movement. A haemorrhage could occur, should the muscle get trapped in the broken bone. Yet it was 12 hours since his fall. In this time he had been lifted from a ditch, taken to hospital, undergone heart surgery and all seemed fine. There is an importance in covering your family in prayer. We learn that when situations like these arise, and we have already committed them to the Lord’s care, we can trust that God has it sorted. 

Now this would have been a case for emergency surgery which involves taking bone and marrow from the hip, going into the front of the throat and seizing this onto the broken neck bone. The healing process is long and painful. But Clive had just had a heart operation. The blood thinning medication could lead to a bleeding which could cause brain damage. Anaesthetic was also a no-no so soon after heart trauma. Even though the risks were high, he would have to wait. This was one of those many occasions when “Gods strength is made perfect in our weakness” 2 Corinthians 12v9. We did what is always best – we prayed. 

I prayed aloud that night, “Lord I know that you can do all things (Job 42v2) and that nothing is impossible for you (Luke 1v37) and I ask specifically that you will fuse the bones so that surgery will not be necessary, that your name may be glorified through all that has happened. Thank you Lord, Amen.” WOW! Karl exclaimed when I had finished praying, I was about to say we should pray for exactly what you just said, and also to ask our friends to pray specifically too. This was confirmation through the Holy Spirit. God that can’t lie (titus1v2Hebrews6v18) makes this now a subject to give thanks for. As God said, “If 2 or 3 are agreed on earth it is already done in heaven” Matthew 18v19. (We are very grateful for those who prayed and for our friend Viv, who never generalised but asked along with us, in faith, for the specific. See Joshua chapter 10. God says “we have not because we don’t ask” James 4v2 (see also Luke 11v9). Step out if faith in your prayer life. Take God at His word. If He said it, He has to follow it through. Lay hold on His promises. You will be missing the blessing if you don’t.

Now Karl is young in the faith and I know how the enemy attacks the mind. He may not be so aware of this. I was concerned and praying about it as we went about our daily work. I asked God to give us something to re-affirm his will on this matter and left it there.  God is indeed good! We had only moved a few streets away when I knocked at a customer’s door. She is a Christian we met through another amazing story which I may tell at a later date. ”How are things?” she asked. I told her simply about the heart attack and broken neck, but said nothing of the prayer. “We will pray to the Father and he will be healed”, was her reply. We hugged and I walked away WORSHIPPING. Karl wept when I told him and I think if a truck ran over him at this point it would not remove the smile of knowing from his face. Job done! Thank you Lord.

Glory to Your Name.      


Fiona Ward