Why worry (5)

Why Worry! (5)

“Prayer is the Key “ part 1

“Men ought to always pray and not faint” Luke 18 v 1

This month has been unusually tough. traumatic, tiring and at times tense but praise God through every day he has heard and answered our cry according to His promises.

It began when my Husband, Karl, was chopping trees in his father’s woodland. His father, Clive, was tired so they were packing up. Karl stacked the cut logs as Clive returned the dumper truck to the other end of the woods. Then Karl heard God speak. As Christians it is important that our ears are tuned to hear God. “Go check on your dad!” It was an audible voice and, goose bumps rising , Karl ran through the trees. There in the ditch, face down, was Clive. He had had a heart attack when he was about to dismount the dumper causing him to fall to the ground.

Wait a minute! Who said “disastrous”? Our God had a plan and He promises that “All things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes” Romans 8 v 28.  So while, in such a situation, we are called to pray, we also give God thanks and praise. This may seem bizarre, but God teaches us to give thanks in every situation. 1 Thessalonians 5 v 18. Less than three hours later Clive was sitting up in hospital having had 2 stents fitted to one of his arteries. The surgeon reckons this has made his heart to be in a better condition than it has been for a while. Clive is a very fit man and he had no indication of there being a problem. Now it was time for more thanks.

God hears your prayers, whatever, whenever, wherever. He promised to supply our needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4 v 19.


Fiona Ward