Why Worry (3)



It’s been a traumatic week for me...How about you? We have had a heart attack, a broken neck and another completely separate life threatening situation all within the family this week.
Thankfully God promised “Never to leave us or forsake us.” Hebrews 13 v 5. We praised Him through the stormy days and the worse it got the more we praised. He teaches us in 1 Thessalonians 5 v 18 to give thanks in every situation, as whatever happens, it is God’s will in Christ Jesus for us. This was the “wow” factor of the week and I would highly recommend it. The more we gave Him thanks, the more He revealed Himself. Although situations all around were falling apart life with Jesus was unfathomably blissful.
Just recently I’ve watched how circumstances can affect spiritual life detrimentally.
Things like car break-down or changes in work patterns are not catastrophes. Yet how easily we let such issues change our mood so much that it can affect all around us. We can talk “spiritual talk” to all we meet, but when something goes wrong in our own lives that’s when we show our spiritual reality.
Don’t let circumstances attack you negatively. Stand on the Word of God. Praise Him THROUGH THE STORM –not after you have it sussed.
I can guarantee you will feel God’s power and presence more than ever before.

Fiona Ward