Better safe than sorry 1

Better Safe than Sorry! (1)

14th March 2012

Last Week I was on Boa Vista, Cape Verde. The waves were immense,7 feet high and vicious. I was waist deep as they crashed overhead, and as I struggled to my feet they would catch me again on their way out and take my legs from under me. Flat on my face underwater again - Foolish I know! The red flag was flying. I should have stayed safely on the sand. How often I end up shipwrecked because I rely on my own strength instead of doing the sensible thing.So I learn the lesson all over again. In every storm in life I can take a chance and go it alone, or be wise and trust in Jesus. He is the one who can calm every troubled wave on my life's ocean. Don't take risks that may drown you. Trust in Jesus. He will calm the storms in your life and land you safe on the shore of heaven.

Without Christ, Without a Saviour, Oh, can it, can it be,
Like a ship without a rudder, On a wild and stormy sea.
Oh, to be without a Saviour, no hope or refuge nigh,
How can you, my friend or brother Dare to Live or Dare to die.

Fiona Ward