Better safe than sorry (6)

Better Safe than Sorry. (6)

9th June 2012

This week Queen Elizabeth 2nd celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. 60 years of reign... it’s a big task. I wonder if she knows Jesus as her saviour. It would be a terrible thing to reign as Queen for most of her life, then leave this world for a lost eternity because she does not know the King of Kings.

It’s a question facing all of us. Do we know Jesus, the King above all Kings and Queens? He is ready to save us from sin if only we will surrender to Him. He is the only one worthy of our worship. He gave His life that we might live. 

God sees no difference in a Queen or a beggar. The bible clearly teaches us that “all” are sinners and need God’s salvation through Jesus Christ. If we come to him He will make us His child and we will be heirs to the Kingdom of heaven. We do not need to have wealth, power, intelligence, or even a good track record. “All” means precisely that. Everyone everywhere needs God. And he is waiting for you.

If you acknowledge that you need Jesus to save you simply ask Him to do so.

“Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I am lost without You. Please forgive all my sins and make me one of your family. I want to put my past life behind me and start over again with You. Thank You for going to the cross to die for me. Help me to live for you from this moment onwards and teach me to trust your word and live by it.       


Fiona Ward