Better safe than sorry (3)

Better Safe than sorry! (3)

(13th April 2012)

It’s fatal! It’s Terminal! No way out!

The waves are crashing over the harbour wall – the safe zone is obliterated. God’s mercy has been extended time and time again. You’ve been battered by the tempest and it’s about to overwhelm you forever. You could have taken refuge rather than risk the storm. You had your chance to get onto the rock. “How shall we escape if we neglect such great salvation? Hebrews 2v3
“The fool has said in his heart , “There is no God.” Psalm 14v1
HOW ABOUT YOU? “What will YOU do with Jesus?” Matthew 15v12
You’re still breathing! There’s still time! If you miss Christ – You miss everything.

Out of Christ, Without a saviour,
Lonely and dark the way,
With no hope or trust in Jesus,
Making bright the stormy day.
Without Christ, Without a saviour?
Give to Him now your heart,
Er the door of mercy closes,
and you hear His word “Depart.”

Fiona Ward